CROSSBOW: Medals for Rugby Sport for the Disabled members


Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 10:49 am
Updated Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 10:52 am
Iris Bingham

At the National Crossbow Federation’s National Indoor 18m Championships two Rugby Sport for the Disabled members, Graeme Mooney and Iris Bingham, received gold medals.

The event was held near Streetly in a cold sports hall with no heating. The event was cancelled in March due to the centre closing because of the heavy snow.

Graeme Mooney

Everyone shot at a three-spot 40cm target. RSDA members shoot as ‘assisted’ as they need a helper to load their bows. Iris shot with a Sporting bow as it is impossible to withdraw her bolts from the damp straw bosses when shot with her Tournament bow.

RSDA scores out of 600 were: Lady: 1st Sport Bow: Iris Bingham 590. Gent: 1st Sport Bow: Graeme Mooney 589. Gent: 2nd Sport Bow: Kevin Rumble 524.

Other gold medals: Tournament: Gent: Tony Reynolds 555. Senior: Ted Hayward 490.

Sport Standard Bow: Lady: Louise Coulter 506. Gent: Simon Emmett 528. Senior: Alan Gregory 545.

Graeme Mooney

Medieval: Graeme Peatfield 484

Two members of RSDA entered the shoot in Rugby. They shot 18m with a 25cm three-spot target with Sporting bows. As the ten ring is only 2.5cm, it is very challenging.

RSDA results, out of 600, were: Graeme Mooney 550, Iris Bingham 576.