Crowdfunding page launched for Rugby family whose children came home to find their home partially collapsed

A fundraising page has been launched for a Rugby family who came home yesterday afternoon to discover their home had partially collapsed.

At around 3.45pm yesterday, September 10, the family's children came home to discover their Claremont Road home had partially collapsed - destroying two of the children's bedrooms and the kitchen.

Photo submitted by the tenant of the house.

Photo submitted by the tenant of the house.

No-one was injured as all members of the family were out at the time - and it is understood that building work was being conducted on a neighbouring property when the collapse happened.

One of the family members told the Advertiser: "It was a shocking experience and no one is accepting liability.

"Our landlord is confused what is covered by his building insurance and the contractor doesn't want to accept liability."

The family is currently unable to access their home for health and safety reasons, leaving them in temporary accommodation with only the clothes they are wearing.

Photo submitted by the tenant of the house.

Photo submitted by the tenant of the house.

The friend of the family, writing on the fundraising page which can be viewed by clicking here, said: "The children only have their uniforms and school bag with them.

"Imagine their shock coming from home from school seeing their house in ruins.

"They are renting and do not have content insurance, not many people who rent think of this.

"Araial and Mel are close friends and have at some point they have helped us when we are in need.

Reader submitted photo.

Reader submitted photo.

"I always say that one of their greatest trait is to make everyone they come across feel that they are friends and family.

"I personally know them for half of my life and consider them as my extended family.

"Knowing them, I am certain their faith in our God will see them through this crisis in their lives. Let us rally support for them and their family at a time of their greatest need. God bless you all and thank you for your generosity."