Dad diets in fear of an early departure

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HILLMORTON dad Phil Miller is half way through one of the biggest and most important challenges of his life.

Phil has ballooned in weight from 15 stone to over 23 stone in the past five years - and he knew that if he didn’t do something drastic he could soon be over 30 stone, have serious medical problems such as diabetes and be heading for an early grave.

Phil, 36, who lives with his wife Kim and three children, decided that January 1 was the ideal opportunity to set a new years resolution to lose weight.

His goal was to lose 9 stone in 12 months and be 14 stone by December 2012.

Phil said: “I am doing this because I don’t want to die early.

“My daughter Amy is two and I want to be able to walk her down the aisle when she is older.

“I want my kids to be proud of me and not embarrassed about having a fat dad.

“On our recent holiday I didn’t even take my T-shirt off because I was just too embarrassed. I also want to take my kids to an amusement park but I am afraid I won’t fit on the rides”

Phil, who works as a mortgage advisor, also admitted that when he visits clients he worries that he might break their chairs.

Besides doing this for himself and his family he also wants to raise £5,000 for some of the worlds poorest children through Action Aid, so he is asking people to support him in his challenge by sponsoring him.

He added: “Not only can I raise money for a great cause but this also gives me an extra incentive to lose the weight”

So far Phil has lost four-and-a-half stone in 14 weeks - so feels he is on target to achieve his goal.

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