Dad has seen near misses at Hillmorton crossing

A Hillmorton father fears it’s only a matter of time before somebody is hurt - or even killed - near Paddox Primary School.

Paul Dickens said he has witnessed several ‘near misses’ at the zebra crossing in Hillmorton Road since services have been moved.

He is worried about his two young children, who attend Paddox Primary School and Rainbows Brownies in St George’s Hall.

Mr Dickens, of Stanley Road, said: “I often use the zebra crossing in Hillmorton Road and have witnessed several near misses where vehicles have either refused to stop or proceed over the crossing whilst pedestrians are still present.

“Last week while I was crossing with both my two daughters and pet dog did a vehicle stop one way, but a car some 50 metres away from the crossing at my time of arrival failed to stop.”

He said he could see the car wasn’t going to stop. “The driver of the car was oblivious to their potentially fatal error,” said Mr Dickens. “I could see the driver of the vehicle which had stopped was horrified.”

He said he fears other people may not be so lucky in the future. Mr Dickens added: “I know the lollipop man is present at school times, but has there any thought to the introduction of a pelican crossing?”

Bonny Landsborough, a school crossing patrol supervisor for Warwickshire County Council, said the patrol has been moved to the Abbots Farm site on a temporary basis.

Richard Harkin, communications officer for Warwickshire County Council, said there have been no accidents at the site in five years and there are no plans to upgrade the crossing. He said: “It’s certainly not an accident blackspot.”