Dad’s anger as toxic chemical found on park play equipment in Rugby

The adhesive found at the play area
The adhesive found at the play area

Vandals poured a dangerous chemical over equipment in a children’s playground and threw metal objects over the fence from a building site.

A father-of-two discovered the hazards at Aqua Place park, Rugby, which backs on to the St Modwen’s Edison Place development, on Sunday.

Scaffolding brackets, a brick and an industrial adhesive were found in the play area.

John Slinger, from Rugby, was alarmed when one of his young daughters wanted to touch the yellow substance.

He said: “There was a heavy grey brick on the grass and several metal scaffolding brackets littered around.

“Then I noticed the climbing logs were covered in a yellow substance which looked like custard and my daughter said ‘Dad, is it honey?’.

“It was foaming and had things stuck to it, some of it was on the grass too so children could have easily picked it up or tried to eat it as it looked like honeycomb.

“I found an empty white bottle which had contained a strong adhesive and was covered in warning stickers saying ‘toxic’ and ‘dangerous’.”

Community safety wardens have stepped up patrols in the area as a result of the incident.

A spokesman for Rugby Borough Council said: “We attended the play area on Monday morning after being alerted.

“It appears a chemical taken from the neighbouring building site had been poured over some of the equipment, causing minor damage.

“The damaged equipment has now been removed, and replacements have been ordered.”

“We have contacted the developer to request a review of security arrangements at the building site, and our community safety wardens have stepped up patrols in the area.”

Robin Smith, technical director at St Modwen’s Homes, said the complaint had been taken very seriously and security measures had been increased to ensure it did not happen again. He said: “We have now employed security personnel to patrol the Edison Place site 24 hours a day. We have fitted a double Heras fencing barrier and bolted it to the existing fence, as well as increasing the amount of warning signs.

“We will also be cleaning the park and play area to make sure it is once again a safe place for local children to play. We would like to stress just how dangerous building sites can be and remind people that safety precautions must not be tampered with and no unauthorised person should enter the site.”