Daventry District Council explores waste and recycling options

Waste and recycling is being looked up by the council.
Waste and recycling is being looked up by the council.

Daventry District Council is moving forward with plans to explore all future options for the district’s waste and recycling collections.

In 2011, DDC, jointly with Northampton Borough Council, entered into a seven-year environmental services contract with Enterprise.

The planned end date of the contract is June 3, 2018, and DDC has not yet decided how it will provide these services after this date.

The council is looking at all future possibilities for how waste and recycling could be delivered and what sort of services would be provided to households.

Following this review, future options will then be explored for other environmental services under the contract, such as street cleaning and grounds maintenance.

An experienced consultant has been appointed to steer the waste project and recently the council consulted members of the Daventry District People’s Panel at an early stage to gather initial residents’ views and ideas on existing and future waste and recycling collections. It is anticipated that wider public consultation will take place this spring.

DDC’s Environment Portfolio Holder Councillor Jo Gilford said: “In the climate of financial pressures we are facing, we must review the cost and delivery of our front-line services at the earliest opportunities. The contract’s end date may seem some time away, but it’s important that we start planning now.

“Some procurement options, for example, will have very long lead-in times and in an ever-changing technical, legal and financial landscape for waste and recycling, we need to be properly informed about the best approaches for providing these services.”