Dead foal found in ditch near Rugby ‘had horrific end to life’

The RSPCA inspector who attended the scene was "taken aback" by the sight
The RSPCA inspector who attended the scene was "taken aback" by the sight

The RSPCA is appealing for information after the body of a dead foal was dumped in a ditch near Rugby.

It is believed that the young piebald foal may have been lying dead in Cord Lane, Easenhall for over a week before being discovered and reported to the RSPCA.

Ben Jones, the RSPCA animal welfare officer who attended the scene, said: “I was taken aback and saddened by the sight of this poor pony in awful condition lying there dead in the ditch.

“On further inspection, I could see from the condition of her coat, her overgrown hooves and sores that this young foal would have suffered and may not have even been able to walk. She would have had a horrific end to her life, a life that was cut far too short.

“She had been dumped there like unwanted rubbish for someone else to clean up. This seems like a very calculated incident as this road is likely to have been chosen specifically for its remote location meaning that there would have been fewer witnesses to see this taking place.

“It is absolutely unacceptable for any owner to coldly dispose of their pet in this manner and we are now appealing for information from the public who may know more about what happened here.

“We are particularly interested in finding out a bit more about a blue Transit van with a trailer attached to the back that was seen in the area acting suspiciously on Sunday February 8.

“This horse would have been kept in a field somewhere, at some point, probably in the local area, and so we are also looking to speak to anyone who may have noticed that a young foal of this description has suddenly disappeared from a field near them recently.”

Anyone who may be able to help find the owner of the van or who may have more information about the horse should contact the RSPCA in confidence on 0300 123 8018.

Mr Jones added: “We and other charities are struggling to cope with the equine crisis we face. The RSPCA alone has more than 600 horses in its care and receives about 500 complaints relating to horse welfare every week.

“There are simply too many horses and not enough good homes. We are also trying to tackle irresponsible breeding, promote responsible ownership and we are calling for tougher laws to tackle fly grazing which is posing huge problems for communities and welfare charities across Britain.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the RSPCA can text HELP to 78866 to give £3 (texts cost £3 plus one standard network rate message).