Dealer jailed after selling heroin and crack from car in Brownsover, Rugby

Leamington Justice Centre, where Warwick Crown Court sits
Leamington Justice Centre, where Warwick Crown Court sits

A man who was caught selling heroin and crack cocaine in Rugby from a hired car he was using as a ‘mobile shop’ has been jailed for three years.

Isnan Qumar, aged 24, of Dovedale Avenue, Longford, Coventry, had pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to possessing the two class A drugs and some cannabis with intent to supply them.

Prosecutor Amy Jacobs said that in the early hours of May 22 last year police officers on patrol in Rugby saw a Peugeot 208 which they believed was acting suspiciously.

It was repeatedly moving a short distance in Hollowell Way in Brownsover, stopping and moving off again, so they decided to pull it over and found Qumar was the only occupant.

He got out and was searched, and the officers found nothing on him.

But when they then searched the hired Peugeot, they found a brown leather bag in the door pocket which contained three £10 bags of cannabis, and they also found £341 in cash.

Then from under the driver’s seat they recovered a blue cloth bag with a number of wraps of class A drugs in it.

There were 27 £10 street-deal wraps of crack cocaine and 16 wraps containing various amount of heroin worth a further £510.

And on Qumar’s phone were a number of texts relating to street dealing in drugs, although he denied any knowledge of the drugs in the car, added Miss Jacobs.

The court heard that although Qumar, who had a number of previous convictions including drugs offences and a robbery, was subject to a suspended sentence at the time, that had since been activated and he has served the sentence.

Talbir Singh, defending, said that last year Qumar was in an acrimonious end to a relationship, and during a dispute over child contact it emerged that the child was in fact not his.

“That led to him escalating his drug use, and he spent the vast majority of his time in what he described as crack houses. He had a very, very high usage, and that’s how he became embroiled in dealing.”

Mr Singh added that the Peugeot had not been hired by Qumar, and the profit he made from his dealing from the ‘mobile shop’ would have been passed back to others.

Jailing Qumar, Judge Sylvia de Bertodano told him: “You are here because you were stopped by the police and they found class A and class B drugs in your car, wrapped for street sale.

“You know that class A drugs ruin lives, because they’re beginning to ruin your life. People who make them available on the street go to prison.”