Decision to close Birch Ward at Rugby’s Hospital of St Cross came ‘out of the blue’

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STAFF at the Barby Road hospital say the decision to close the last general medical care ward came ‘out of the blue’.

And Members of the Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition were shocked – but not really surprised – to hear the news that Rugby’s Hospital of St Cross was being stripped of ward.

“One of our members received a tip off from a hospital worker, and I checked on the University Hospital’s web site which confirmed that: ‘Birch ward is to close until further notice’”, Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) spokesperson Pete McLaren said.

“Rugby Against the Cuts has been saying for some time that the public spending cuts are so severe that they will affect all front line services sooner rather than later, despite what the Tories and Lib Dems in Government have been saying,” he continued.

“Nothing has been ring fenced, and with cuts of £111 billion, they can not be – hence our lack of complete surprise at this decision. rer relatives. Loss of beds will also mean overcrowding in other wards or hospitals.

“In addition, Rugby TUSC has serious concerns about the effects this ward closure will have on jobs at St Cross hospital as fewer beds means fewer staff needed to nurse or assist patients in any way, including maintenance, cleaning catering or administration. The closure of Birch ward is a worrying sign in so many ways,” he concluded.

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