Decrease in the number of road casualties in Warwickshire

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The total number of reported road casualties in Warwickshire fell in 2012 for the fifth consecutive year to reach the lowest number on record.

The number of road users killed or seriously injured fell to 299 in 2012, down from 313 in 2011, with fatal casualties also falling, down from 33 to 28.

There were noticeable reductions in the number of deaths or serious injuries amongst, cyclists, car occupants, older road users and 16-24 year old drivers and passengers.

The new figures show that 2,055 road users were reported killed or injured on Warwickshire’s roads in 2012.

This is a small reduction compared to 2,078 casualties in 2011, but the annual number of road casualties has fallen by about a third over the last decade.

Nationally, cyclist fatal and serious injury casualties have been increasing, but in Warwickshire cyclist deaths and serious injuries fell in 2012 to 24, down from 36 and bringing them closer to the 21 experienced in 2010.

The number of pedestrians killed or seriously injured rose from 26 to 42, however this figure remains below the recent peak of 54 experienced in 2008 and the total number of pedestrian casualties rose by just 6, up from 149 to 155.

The total number of motorcycle casualties rose for the second successive year up from a low of 150 in 2010 to 202 in 2012. The increases in motorcycle casualties are primarily amongst riders of mid powered motorcycles with the timings of the collisions suggesting the riders were using their bikes to commute.

Warwickshire County Councillor Richard Hobbs, Portfolio Holder for Community Protection said: “The 2012 road casualty figures are very encouraging. We experienced the first increase in roads deaths and serious injuries in 2011 since 1997 so I am very pleased that in 2012 we have got back on track with our best figures ever.

“Whilst the Council and our partners can’t take all of the credit for the reductions, I am clear that our road user education, safety schemes and road maintenance has had a very strong influence on these figures.

“Just over a decade ago we were witnessing more than 600 deaths and serious injuries on Warwickshire’s roads every year, for these figures to be halved in such a short period of time is tremendous and is a clear indication that the council is delivering on its commitment to provide

residents and road users with the safest transport network possible. Our challenge now is to build on the areas where progress has been made and to work hard to address the areas where we have experienced increases.”

Superintendent Lee Davenport, Warwickshire & West Mercia Police added: “Road safety remains a priority for us and our partner agencies and we all continue to work hard to prevent death and injury by educating road users to use the roads safely, enforcing traffic laws and making the roads

safer to use through engineering and enforcement. However, we also need road users to play their part by acting responsibly and being considerate to the needs and safety of others at all times.”

The 2012 edition of ‘Reported Road Casualties Warwickshire’, a report containing a detailed breakdown of road collisions and casualties is available at