Dedicated Rugby colleagues take great steps for fitness

The dedicated team at Stepnell.
The dedicated team at Stepnell.

Dedicated colleagues from a Rugby construction firm have taken huge steps to change their lives.

Staff from Stepnell have lost 12.5 stone and completed more than 12 million steps between them.

The 12-strong team achieved the results through Average2Awesome (A2A) a three-month life-changing employee health and fitness programme which Stepnell is rolling out across its regional offices.

Leading performance coach Rory Coleman, who has completed more than 1,000 marathons, was brought in to work with employees, helping them to boost their fitness levels and confidence.

Rugby staff taking part in the programme had to commit to following a 12-week calorie-restricted diet and exercise programme incorporating a weekly 100,000-step challenge which helped them lose weight and transformed their attitudes to exercise.

Tom Wakeford. Stepnell joint managing director and A2A programme champion, said: “The A2A programme is proving transformational for our Rugby team with some astonishing results. “They have shown huge commitment to the programme and the lifestyle changes it can help bring about. As well as losing weight, their attitudes to exercise have changed and they now really enjoy and want to make it part of their daily regime,

“We’ve invested in A2A as part of our commitment to helping individuals achieve their potential as well as benefit from the confidence boost which comes from making such a major change in your life.”

Residential portfolio manager Lisa Pauley lost just over a stone-and-a-half and discovered a passion for walking.

Lisa, 39, said: “I had previously lost weight by other means but I wanted to lose more so I applied for A2A.

“Although weight loss was important, it was really about ways of making positive changes to your lifestyle and habits. It was horrendous to start with but I soon got used to it and began to enjoy it. It has completely changed my life.

“I hardly walked anywhere before but now I do at least a half-hour of exercise each day and have just completed my first-ever half marathon as well as a 23-mile walk round London and the Three Peaks Challenge.”