Deliberately terrible stand-up from Rugby comedian leaves punters irate

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A FILM-maker has apologised to Rugby’s landlords after using their venues to help film a spoof documentary.

Tom Pinks, 21, who has just finished studying Film Production and Screen Writing at the University of Central Lancashire, has been making a mockumentary following the career of his fictional creation Paul Stark, a hopeless and deluded stand-up comedian. As part of the filming Tom and his friends, Zack Jones and Christian Green, booked five gigs in Rugby pubs with the sole aim of capturing some footage of Paul Stark – played by Tom – performing his ‘comedy’ set. The final edit is expected to be posted online by Wednesday next week.

The trailer, which can be found on YouTube now, shows the character before an audience repeating the words, “garlic bread” before looking perplexed as an unnerving silence descends over the venue. It’s a scene as awkward to watch as one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s or Ricky Gervais’s and eventually someone tries to rescue the situation by ushering him off stage.

Tom, who came third in a short film competition at his university last year, said: “This is an idea we’ve been working on for several months and to get the desired footage we had to film his set going spectacularly wrong. It’s a black comedy, and the reasons why Paul is such a broken man become clear at the end.

“It hasn’t been easy to film - on one occasion I was chased out of a pub by angry punters and I had to stay in character throughout the whole ordeal. I hope the people involved understand what we were up to and hopefully there are no hard feelings. I think it’s safe to say Paul won’t be getting any bookings in Rugby any time soon.”

Tom’s hoping to one day become a screen writer or producer.