Deportation looms for illegal immigrant working at Pizza Delicious in Clifton Road, Rugby

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AN ILLEGAL immigrant has been arrested after being caught working at Pizza Delicious in Rugby.

Border Agency officers paid an unexpected visit to the Clifton Road outlet last month.

Staff were questioned and had their immigration status checked.

A 19-year-old Pakistani man was arrested after he was found to have overstayed his visa.

He was taken into immigration detention pending removal from the UK.

Bosses now face a fine of up £10,000 which will have to be paid unless they can prove that they carried out proper pre-employment checks, such as inspecting passports or Home Office letters.

Paula Burton, from the UK Border Agency’s Warwickshire local immigration team, said: “Foreign nationals who overstay visas should be in no doubt that they will be found, arrested and removed from the UK.

“Companies that think they can undercut competitors by employing illegal workers face heavy fines and possible prosecution.”