Determined Bilton teenager launches own business

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An inspirational teenager who has undergone serious brain surgery has gone on to launch her own craft business.

Meg Cubitt, 17, spent a month in hospital in May and now has to use a wheelchair.

She suffers from Turner Syndrome, a genetic condition that only affects females. It causes a wide range of symptoms and some distinctive characteristics.

Meg, who lives in Bilton and is the driving force behind Meggie La Belle, said: “My health hasn’t been too good lately.

“I ended up at a specialist in London, who diagnosed Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. My heart rate rapidly increases upon standing, blood pools in my hands and feet as my blood vessels are unable to contract and distribute the blood around my body, making them numb and tingly.”

It also causes light-headedness, nausea, vomiting, severe headaches, dizziness and stomach cramps from gluten intolerance.

“I was then readmitted to hospital two months ago as my headaches were more and more severe,” added Meg.

Meg also has hydrocephalus and idiopathic intracranial hypertension, a condition that causes too much fluid on my brain.

She had a shunt fitted to drain the fluid away.

“They think my shunt is still over draining, so I might need to have another ICP (intracranial pressure) bolt inserted for a while, before they decide what the next step is.”

She said having the shunt fitted has saved her once threatened eyesight.

Meg said: “I am wheelchair bound, and have had to have a serious readjustment to how I live my life.

“I had to leave college, and my acting dream has been put on hold right now, as my health is my number one priority. I cannot go out much with my friends, and I live on a day to day basis, depending on how I feel.”

But Meg refuses to wallow in self pity.

She said: “I always say things happen for a reason, and due to being bed bound, I had to find other things to occupy my time. There are only so many DVDs you can watch, so I started crafting. I have made a variety of things, and I wanted to share them.”

She is currently selling Christmas gift tags, which are available from, customer email

Meg said: “I am really enjoying creating things.

“I’m very lucky to have this opportunity in life to slow down!”