Devastated mum of Sam Davies pays tribute to ‘inspirational’ son killed in collision in Rugby

Sam Davies was killed while cycling in Rugby on January 8
Sam Davies was killed while cycling in Rugby on January 8

The devastated mum of Samuel Davies who was killed while cycling has paid tribute to her ‘inspirational’ son.

Sam was riding along Lawford Road, Rugby, where he lived with mum Karen and step-father Rob Paine, on Friday evening at 8.20pm when he was in a collision with a car.

Sam was a member of the 'Cream Ov Da Crop' band

Sam was a member of the 'Cream Ov Da Crop' band

The 24-year-old was taken to University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire but died from a serious head injury.

Sam was expecting a baby girl with his girlfriend Regan and she is due to be born in 11 weeks.

Karen said her son, who was a talented rapper and music artist, was lovable, inspirational, and he always put his family first.

“Sam’s last words to me that morning were ‘bye mum, love you’. He never failed to say he loved me, no matter what,” Karen said.

“I can’t believe he won’t get to hold his little girl. He was so excited about becoming a dad and I know he would of been amazing.

“That little girl will be so loved by me, Regan, my husband Rob, my son David, my daughter Alix, Sam’s nephews Keir and Olly, and Sam’s Dad Alun, Grandma and Grandad. She will grow up knowing what an inspirational and loving person her daddy was.”

Sam, who worked as a salesman at Xercise4Less gym in Rugby, had been to his girlfriend’s house on Friday night before the incident.

Karen said: “I got a knock on the door late Friday and two policemen said Sam had been in an accident and I needed to go to hospital with them.

“They took me over in the car with the sirens and flashing lights on and even though it was scary I never imagined I wouldn’t see him again.

“I just can’t believe he’s gone. We wouldn’t have got through the last few days without all the support from family and friends and we are so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love. We knew Sam was amazing and wonderful but we didn’t realise just how loved he was by everyone.”

Speaking of the crash, Karen said the driver must be going through hell.

“He has got to carry that for the rest of his life and it will stick with him forever,” she said.

“We don’t blame him, he has to live with this as well.”

Sam was in a band called ‘Cream Of Da Crop’ and the group played at the Godiva Festival and won a competition at Caldecott Park.

He helped obtain grants for a music studio at Hill Street Youth Centre and Karen said he was ‘fantastic with children’.

“He was fun and silly with the kids and they absolutely adored him,” Karen said.

“His nephew Keir is ten and is absolutely devastated by what’s happened. Little Olly is three and he doesn’t really understand what’s happened but I hope he remembers him. Sam and his step-dad were the best of friends and had a special bond, I just can’t believe he’s gone.”

The family have been overwhelmed with messages of support, cards, and flowers from friends and family.

Karen is putting together a scrapbook of Sam’s life for his little girl and would like friends to write a memory or a message on a piece of paper and post it through the family’s door. Sam’s family is yet to arrange his funeral but the details will be printed in the Advertiser when finalised and Karen is welcoming everyone to pay their respects.

Two fundraising pages have been set up to raise money for Sam’s family and daughter, one by a family friend and one by Sam’s employer, Xercise4Less.

The new gym on Wood Street held a fundraising event yesterday (Wednesday) and the nationwide-company has pledged to match the funds if the local branch can raise £5,000.

To donate, visit and

Sam’s death comes after triathlon competitor Kate Vanloo was killed in a collision while out cycling in Napton. See page 11 for tributes to Kate.