Developers halt destruction of hedgerows on Ashlawn Road while Rugby council seeks legal advice

Image submitted by John Potter.
Image submitted by John Potter.

The developers behind the 860-home development near Ashlawn Road have halted the removal of hedgerows while Rugby council seeks legal advice following outrage from residents.

The Advertiser has been contacted by a number of residents who have expressed serious concern over the destruction of hedgerows on Ashlawn Road during nesting season.

Image submitted by John Potter.

Image submitted by John Potter.

The removal of sections of the hedgerows began yesterday, April 8, and it is understood that representatives from Rugby council attended the site.

A source told the Advertiser that this culminated in the council ordering the developers, David Wilson Homes (East Midlands), to halt the removal of vegetation.

But, following the publishing of this story, Rugby council contacted this newspaper to say that the developers volunteered to halt the destruction of the hedgerows while the council ascertains whether the developers have broken the law.

A statement found in the development's planning application reads: “Vegetation on site will largely be retained and protected ... This will include the hedgerows and hedgerow trees located along the eastern, northern and southern site boundaries and also the hedgerows that cross parts of the site."

Image submitted by John Potter.

Image submitted by John Potter.

One resident, a farmer, said they were particularly concerned for the welfare of the birds nesting in the hedgerows.

They said: "It's wanton destruction. If they were going to cut those hedgerows down they should have netted them months ago to stop birds nesting in them.

"It's all very well saying 'we must protect the environment' but then idiots like that go ahead and do this."

Campaigner Richard Allanach told the Advertiser: "The developer has pulled the wool over the secretary of state's eyes.

"When they were appealing the council's decision to refuse planning permission they promised to keep the hedgerows.

"Now they have planning permission they have bulldozed them. Worse they have done this during the nesting season."

Rugby council has been reached for comment and told the Advertiser it will send a statement shortly.

Both David Wilson Homes (East Midlands) and Gallagher Estates Limited are listed on the planning application, but a spokesperson for L&Q Estates (of which Gallagher Estates is a part of) said they are not involved in this matter.

David Wilson Homes (East Midlands) has been approached for comment.

You can view the planning application by searching for R13/2102 on Rugby council's planning portal.