Devoted Rugby couple celebrate 50 years of marriage

Terry and Linda Jarvis celebrated their golden wedding anniversary this week
Terry and Linda Jarvis celebrated their golden wedding anniversary this week

Their relationship didn’t get off to the best start, but the ‘mop incident’ is now an amusing memory for a Rugby couple married for 50 years.

Linda and Terry Jarvis, of Charter Road, celebrate their golden wedding anniversary tomorrow (Friday). They married at St Matthew & St Oswald’s Church in Lawford Road, Rugby, on December 19 1964.

The couple met when Linda was 14 and living in Birmingham.

“Terry was friends with my cousin and they used to stay at our house and go ice skating,” Linda said.

“I remember chasing him with a mop because he stepped on the kitchen floor after I’d cleaned it, so we didn’t get off to a great start.”

They have two daughters, Anita, 45, who lives in New Zealand, and Laura, 43, who lives locally.

Linda, 67, was a branch administrator who worked in the payroll department and Terry, 72, was a service engineer for oil fired central heating systems.

The couple enjoy travelling but Terry’s rare neurological condition means they struggle to go abroad. “One of our favourite places to go is the Isle of Wight,” Linda said.

“For some reason it always feels like home when we’re there which is unusual. And I supposed it hasn’t been too modernised - a bit like me really.”

The family enjoyed caravanning together and went away regularly when their children were younger.

“We bought a trailer tent to try it out and we really enjoyed ourselves, so we bought a caravan and it went from there.

“We started going away most weekends and the girls were learning all sorts of life skills - they were very happy and special times,” she said.

Terry will celebrate his 73rd birthday on Saturday.

Speaking of her husband’s condition, Linda said: “Progressive supranuclear palsy is very rare and there’s a current campaign to raise awareness of it. It affects peoples’ balance and movements.”