Devoted Rugby couple celebrate 60 years together

John and Connie Baker
John and Connie Baker

A couple who travelled the world with the forces and moved house 24 times together have celebrated 60 years of marriage.

John and Connie Baker, who live in Hillside, Rugby, enjoyed a break at a Warner Leisure Hotel to mark the milestone.

They met in 1950 when John’s friend arranged a date with Connie’s sister and asked John to go on a double ‘blind date’ to the cinema.

“We got on really well and started spending more time together after that,” John said.

The couple married in 1954 in Lichfield after John came home from Egypt with the Parachute Regiment.

“Our wedding day was lovely and we had the reception at Whittington Barracks,” John said.

He then transferred to the Army Physical Training Corps and spent 23 years there.

The couple moved to Rugby in the early 1970s and John became assistant manager at Rugby Sports Centre.

Connie worked in the home help sector for Social Services.

They have two daughters, Bernadette and Tracey, and four grandsons, David, Paul, Conor and Elliot.

John said: “All four of our grandsons went to Lawrence Sheriff School and I was very proud of that.”

Speaking of their time together, Connie said: “He’s a very good husband to me - he always has been.

“We’re very happy and although things don’t always go smoothly in life, I always win in the end and that’s the main thing.”

John said the secret to a happy marriage was trusting each other and spending time together.

He added: “I’m good at doing what I’m told.

“We’ve travelled around a lot with the forces and have had a great life. We’ve moved 24 times since we were married.”

Two of Connie’s brothers will celebrate their diamond anniversaries this month.