Diamond day for Peter and Pat

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A COUPLE who met at a Rugby fairground have been waltzing through life for 60 years.

Peter and Pat Fletcher, both 80, first set eyes on each other when the fair visited Rugby Cattle Market.

They later got married in St Andrew’s Church on June 30, 1951, and will mark their diamond day with a special lunch in Leamington.

Peter left Murray School at 14 years old and joined the Rugby Advertiser, returning after a break for National Service in the RAF.

He said: “When I first joined the Rugby Advertiser I worked in accounts.

“I then returned after national service and managed the office in the printing works as well as accounts.”

Peter and Pat, who have a son, Mike, and daughter, Lynn, later moved to Leamington when a transfer was offered.

“We moved to Leighton Close in Lillington in 1968,” said Peter.

“After 46 years I retired and we followed our dream and now live in a bungalow in Wellesbourne.”

Peter says he has happy memories of his career in newspapers.

“I enjoyed my time at Leamington but my heart will also belong to Rugby,” he said.

Peter and Pat have two grandson - Anthony, 30 and Jack, 18.

“This is a special year for Pat and I,” said Peter.

“We were both 80 as well as it being our 60th wedding anniversary.”

They agree the secret to a long lasting marriage is patience.