Disabled man treated unfairly by Rugby Borough Council

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A RUGBY man who has spent £1,500 on a new mobility scooter has been told not to park it at the complex where he lives.

Edward Baxter, of Sun Street, said he is being treated unfairly by Rugby Borough Council.

“I had to get a bigger scooter because of my weight,” he said.

“If I park it outside I’m worried it will get stolen so I want to put it in the community hall overnight but the council won’t let me.”

Mr Baxter, 60, needs the equipment after being plagued with health problems.

He has suffered heart attacks and strokes and was left paralysed after contracting MRSA.

“I spent months in hospital and had to learn how to walk all over again,” Mr Baxter added.

“Now I rely on my scooter to get around but I have nowhere to put it. I’ve asked the council about it when they just passed me from pillar to post, they don’t give a damn about me and my situation.”

Mr Baxter said he is willing to park the scooter in the sheltered housing complex last thing at night and move it first thing in the morning.

“The council won’t even agree to this,” he said.

He added: “It makes me very angry and seems totally unfair. They won’t give me a valid reason why I can’t keep it there.”

Cllr Leigh Hunt, Portfolio Holder for Sustainable Communities at Rugby Borough Council, said: “The council has recently adopted a policy on mobility scooters after a lengthy consultation.

“While we understand that scooters can greatly improve some residents’ quality of life, we are also very mindful of the hazard that they can cause when stored in communal areas.”

She added: “Following advice from the fire service, our policy states that tenants must make sure that they are able to store and charge their scooters within their home.

“It is simply not worth the risk to other tenants to allow them to be kept anywhere else.”