‘Disgraceful’ state of Clifton Road Cemetery causes concern

The cemetery on Clifton Road, is overgrown and Mariola Leszczynska is digusted.
The cemetery on Clifton Road, is overgrown and Mariola Leszczynska is digusted.

VISITORS to Clifton Road Cemetery in Rugby say they are “disgusted” at the state of the grounds.

Mark Smith said the grass is overgrown and unkempt and the area is now being used as a hang-out for cannabis-smoking youths.

“It is an absolute disgrace,” said Mark, of King Edward Road.

“The grass is overgrown and looks like it as not been cut for long time. There are graves from the First and Second World Wars and I think it’s so disrespectful.”

Mark said he felt sad when he walked through the cemetery.

“You give your life for your country and now the country cannot be bothered cut the grass,” he added.

“There are personal graves of some important Rugbeians and also non important Rugbeians, but they still deserve to have the grass cut so their descendants can actually find and read the headstones.

“It made me feel sad and I really hope something is done about it soon.”

He said he witnessed youths smoking drugs in the grounds.

Mark added: “It really is a shame as it is such nice peaceful place - a place if it was let go Rugby could ill afford to lose. When you walk around with the birds singing it is lovely, it’s such a shame it’s in this state.

“The budget is tight I know, but surely not that tight? I think it’s very sad it has come to this.”

He added: “If the cemetery is being used for kids smoking pot now - what will it be in the future? It could end up as the place to go to have a heroin party.”

His friend Mariola Leszczynska said she was dismayed when she saw the state of the cemetery.

“The cemetery looks so uncared for,” she said.

“I think it’s sad it has come to this.”

Cllr Dr Mark Williams, Rugby Borough Council portfolio holder for ‘sustainable environment’, said: “As all gardeners will know, recent weather conditions have been perfect for grass to grow, but rather less than perfect for grass cutting.

“We will catch up with the backlog as quickly as we can, and Clifton Road cemetery should already be cut.”