Disgust at litter left on football pitch

The litter picked up by Kevin Groocock
The litter picked up by Kevin Groocock

Dog walker Kevin Groocock was incensed at the amount of litter left on the St Andrew’s sports field off Ashlawn Road on Sunday – and took matters into his own hands.

Having been aghast at the state of the pitch the previous week, Mr Walker posted some images on Facebook, asking if the “macho” footballers believed in the “litter fairy” to clean it up. But having seen no improvement this weekend, he decided to take action.

He said: “I despair of my fellow humans.

“This afternoon I took my dog Symphony on her walk and again was disgusted at the amount of litter left behind on the top football pitch, with not a player or official in sight. I decided enough was enough, so went to the clubhouse and requested a bin bag, explaining that it was to clear the mess left on the pitch. I tied Symphony to the goal post and cleared the entire area. I felt satisfied. It took me about ten minutes to clear. If you can carry items onto the field, you can take them off and bin them.”

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