‘Disgusting’ fly-tipping in Stretton-on-Dunsmore

A "feckless, lazy fly-tipper" has been blamed for dumping the tyres
A "feckless, lazy fly-tipper" has been blamed for dumping the tyres

Taxpayers in Rugby face a bill of up to £500 to clear up a “disgusting” pile of fly-tipped tyres in Stretton-on-Dunsmore.

Borough councillor Howard Roberts was appalled at the sight in Fineacre Lane, and reported the issue to town hall officials.

He said: “The disgusting pile of tyres has forced me to speak out.

“The perpetrator of this act probably drove off without even considering the cost to his taxpaying neighbours, or contemplating the damage it does to the environment and a small village community.”

“I have reported the issue to environmental services so that it can be cleared. Indications are it could cost up to £500 to remove and dispose this pile of tyres safely. This is money that comes from hard-pressed taxpayers and is a total waste of resources.

“Essentially this is money that has been taken from those who really need it just to clear up from a lazy, feckless fly-tipper. I hope by raising this issue in the press it may just trigger the conscience of the person who did this act.”

Call the borough council on (01788) 533533 to report fly-tipping in your area.