Dismay as sapling grown as part of community project in Brownsover is vandalised

Cllr Alan Webb and Gordon Irvine
Cllr Alan Webb and Gordon Irvine

Residents have been left “horrified” and “disappointed” after a sapling was vandalised less than two days after being planted as part of a scheme designed to benefit the area.

A new community orchard project in Brownsover began last week, involving the Borough Council Parks Department, local councillors and children from Brownsover Community School. People living nearby will be able to harvest the fruits of their labours as the fruit trees grow.

But ward councillor Alan Webb and resident Gordon Irvine were appalled to find on Sunday morning that one of the saplings had been broken.

Cllr Webb said: “I was horrified that such damage could be done so soon. It’s enough to make people like Gordon and me ask ourselves if it’s really worth it.”

Mr Irvine said: “I was disappointed to that the tree was broken, and when Alan explained that this is a community project, I was even more disappointed.”

Mr Webb added: “This is a wonderful open space initiative giving the community a bonus of free fruit when the trees are ready, and has met the approval of councillors and the Brownsover Community Association.”