Disturbing walk to Rugby clinic for 17-year-old followed by a man in a car

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A RUGBY teenager was left shaken after a man followed her in his car and tried to coax her in for a lift.

Police are appealing for witnesses after the driver of a red Renault Megane shadowed the 17-year-old girl as she walked from Murray Road to the Orchard Centre in Lower Hillmorton Road, Rugby.

He asked the girl for directions and then if there was anyone at her home.

The man then invited her to get in his car and she told him to leave her alone before going into the clinic to call a taxi.

The girl’s mother said: “He was very persistent and my daughter felt threatened.

“She did all the right things but other people may not be as streetwise.”

It happened at 2.30pm. Anyone who witnessed the incident should call Rugby Police on (01788) 541111.