Don’t panic! Bomb disposal drama in Binley Woods due to German device

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A REMOVAL man has spoken of his disbelief after he shook a Second World War bomb he found in a garage in Binley Woods.

The unusual discovery sparked a major emergency operation involving the police and an Army bomb disposal unit who were called to Rugby Road in the village on Tuesday afternoon.

Sam Curry, 22, who works for his dad’s company Steve Curry Removals, made the discovery when he was carrying out a house clearance.

Sam said: “I was in the garage sorting out some stuff and I came across a black bag.

“It was quite heavy and I started shaking it, completely oblivious. I was really shaking it like you would if you were making a cocktail.

“I unwrapped it and thought it looked familiar. I did a Google search on my phone and saw a picture of an incendiary bomb that looked just like the one I was holding. I put it down and legged it.

“Before I realised what it was I wasn’t scared but afterwards I was a bit shaken.”

Sam rang his dad Steve, who told him to wait outside the front of the house and call the police.

Sam said: “The police didn’t make much of it at first but then the bomb squad arrived and said it was live.

“I would have lost my hands if it had gone off. I’m very lucky.”

Police cordoned off the area while the bomb disposal team took the device away. The one kilogram Second World War incendiary device is believed to be of Nazi origin.

Sam said: “The bomb squad took it away in a box. They arrived in a big truck and were given a police escort. It was all quite exciting.

“I’ve worked for my dad for six years and we’ve never found anything like this before. The worst we’ve had to deal to deal with is a wasp’s nest but this was in a different league.”

The bomb was taken to a field in Wolston where it was destroyed using a controlled explosion.