Double yellow lines spell an end to parking chaos on Technology Drive

Mark Pawsey on Technology Drive, where double yellow lines have now been installed.
Mark Pawsey on Technology Drive, where double yellow lines have now been installed.

Residents living off Technology Drive were left feeling delighted after seeing double yellow lines painted on the road.

The road had become a popular parking spot for commuters looking to avoid fees at Rugby railway station - but worried neighbours pointed out that cars parked on both sides of Technology Drive made it significantly narrower and feared the lack of parking restrictions could result in a serious accident.

And in 2014, the Advertiser reported that a number of parked cars had been vandalised along Technology Drive, with many having their tyres slashed and windows broken.

In September 2015 residents directed their concerns to Rugby’s MP Mark Pawsey, who became a major driving force behind the campaign for parking restrictions.

Mark said: “After meeting with a group of residents, I took their concerns directly to Warwickshire County Council and St Modwens, who are developing the area around Technology Drive, and requested that they put down double yellow lines.

“I made it clear to both organisations that the situation on the road, where parked cars were endangering motorists and pedestrians alike, was unacceptable and that measures needed to be taken to prevent a serious accident from occurring.”

And Hannah Gayton, who lives in one of the homes off Technology Drive, said: “The cars parking on Technology Drive have caused me a lot of concern since I moved into the area; it was really dangerous.

“I am so thankful to Mark, who came to visit very shortly after we raised it with him, for getting the problem solved before there was a serious accident on the road. We know he’s been working hard to get Warwickshire County Council to put these lines down and we’re grateful that he always kept us updated on the progress.”

Mark added: “I am very pleased that double yellow lines have now been installed on Technology Drive and I hope that this makes the roads safer for commuters, local residents and the students at Warwickshire College. We now need to ensure that there is adequate parking for commuters near the station, and I will continue to speak with Virgin Trains about this issue.”