Dozens of Rugby cyclists register bikes to crime database

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The Rugby Cycle Surgery has been deemed a big success after 55 cyclists took the opportunity to register their bike to the national crime preventin database.

Many also took advantage of the free bike service at the event outside Asda in Rugby on Friday.

Warwickshire County Council joined forces with Warwickshire Police, Bike Fixers and Sustrans to run the first ever Rugby Cycle Surgery at Asda. The event was designed to reward people that choose sustainable forms of transport, like cycling, and to raise awareness of the importance of

bike security.

Twenty cyclists got their bike serviced free of charge by mobile bike repair company, Bike Fixers.

Warwickshire Police also gave out 30 do-it-yourself cycle coding kits for those that didn’t have their bike with them on the day but still wanted to get them registered on the crime prevention database. The database helps deter would-be thieves and makes it easier for police to reunite any stolen bikes which are recovered with their owners.

Sustainable transport charity, Sustrans, were also on hand to give cyclists information on the local Sustrans cycle network.

Nicola Small, senior transport planner at Warwickshire County Council, said: “We’re delighted that so many of Rugby’s cyclists registered on the crime database and took advantage of the free bike service.

“As part of our ongoing work to improve sustainable travel options in Warwickshire, it is great to be able to offer rewards to regular cyclists. By organising events such as the Rugby Cycle Surgery, we hope to see an increase in the number of people choosing to travel around Rugby by bike.

“We’re very grateful to our partners Asda, Warwickshire Police, Bike Fixers and Sustrans and hope to be able to bring more of these events to Rugby in the near future.”

There was also the opportunity to purchase a ‘D’ lock for just £12 and front and rear lights for £14, which could be mounted free of charge on the day.

Rebecca Bailey, Safer Neighbourhoods Team Beat Manager (Rugby town centre), Warwickshire Police, said: “It was a really successful day. We are looking at a range of tools to assist us in the prevention and detection of offences relating to the theft of push bikes. It is important for

anyone wishing to secure their push bikes to use an approved D lock.

“This was a fantastic opportunity for the community to secure their pedal cycles by free coding and allow them to cycle safety.”