Dozens of schoolchildren involved in bus crash

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TWO buses carrying schoolchildren into Rugby were involved in a crash with a car on Friday morning.

The driver of the car attempted to overtake one of the buses, the 64 service, as it overtook a school bus at a stop on the A426 in Kites Hardwick. The car smashed into the side of the 64 and flipped through the air, landing on its roof.

The impact forced the 64 into the stationary 4A school bus, which was carrying children to schools in Rugby. The windscreen of the 64 shattered, as did the back window of the 4A, amid shrieks from its young passengers.

The children, some of them with minor cuts, left the bus and gathered in a drive leading to a farmhouse, awaiting further transport. Some said the experience had put them off travelling on buses again.

Paul Murphy, who works for Experian Payments in Rugby, was on the 64 when the crash happened he said: “I’m pretty shaken.

“I come along this route every day and I’ve seen a lot of accidents down the year. This is the second I’ve been involved in in the past three months.

The driver of the car crawled out of his vehicle suffering no major injuries. No-one was seriously hurt in the crash.