Drivers encouraged to think before they drive

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WITH more snow expected over the next few days, Warwickshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service are urging drivers to think safety first.

In Warwickshire, road traffic collisions account for a significant proportion of the incidents the service gets called to each year, especially over the winter months when icy conditions present additional hazards for motorists using the county’s rural roads and motorways.

Community Safety and Youth Development Manager, Moreno Francioso said: “With the colder weather on its way, we are keen to ensure that motorist’s vehicles are well-maintained and serviced in preparation for freezing temperatures.

“I would also ask motorists to pay atten­tion when they are on the road to the chang­ing road, traf­fic and weather con­di­tions. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of secu­rity, even if you drive every day on the same stretch of road.

Finally, remember that in icy conditions, the braking distance increases dramatically, so ensure you are driving at the right speed for the road conditions.

“All we want is for people to arrive at their destinations safely, so please think about your journey before you start out, ensure you are prepared and stay informed by regularly checking the weather forecasts.”

To help keep you safe on the road’s Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service offer the following advice:

· Keep a regular check on weather forecasts and travel

information, and avoid unnecessary journeys if the roads

are known to be icy.

· Let someone know where you are going and what time you

hope to arrive, so that they can raise the alarm if you get

into difficulties.

· Plan alternative routes in case your main choice(s)

becomes impassable.

· Keep your fuel tank near to full to ensure that you do

not run out.

· Make sure you have a fully charged mobile phone, so you

can call for help or alert someone if you’re delayed

· Ensure your windows, mirrors and lights are free from ice

before starting your journey.

· Ensure your vehicle is well-maintained and serviced,

ready for winter.

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