Drones used to drop drugs into Onley prison

HMP Onley
HMP Onley

Drones have been used to drop drugs and unknown packages into Onley HMP on three occasions.

This is the highest amount of such incidents recorded in any prison in the UK.

The Ministry of Justice revealed that the three counts of drones flying over the prison and dropping packages into its premises were recorded in 2015.

Drugs were found attached to a drone within the prison grounds in September, and in both February and March an unknown package was found attached to a drone.

The information was taken from the Incident Reporting System, a national database used to record events that undermine the safety the staff, prisoners and visitors within the prison.

Joanna Parish, National Offender Management Service intelligence capability manager, said: “Incidents involving drones are rare, but we remain constantly vigilant to all new threats to prison security.

“Anyone using drones in an attempt to get contraband into prisons can be punished with a sentence of up to two years.”

Legislation is now in place, making it illegal to land a drone in prison ground, or using them to drop in psychoactive substances.