Eastlands pupils nominated for Rotary young citizens

Eastland’s Primary School was nominated for the RIBI (Rotary international in Great Britain & Ireland) Young Citizens Awards by Rotary Club of Rugby Saturday Breakfast.

The awards were created to celebrate the achievements and commitment of inspiring young people across Great Britain and Ireland.

There were sixty eight nominees for the title and Eastland’s Primary School was one of five winners. BBC television is the ultimate decider in the Awards process and as winners the school will appear on local television and the BBC news channel on Saturday morning 12th April.

Entrants had to show how the project they have been working on is of benefit to the community. Eastland’s, year six pupils, worked on E-safety projects – ‘The Anti-Social Network’ a film, made in partnership with Jam Av, to highlight the sensitive issue of cyberbullying and ‘Not Such a Sweet Tweet!’ an E-safety fairy-tale based on the traditional story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ to highlight the positive and potentially negative aspects of the internet.

Their contribution was deemed especially useful to young people not just in their local area but nationally too.

A spokesman for Rotary Club of Rugby Saturday Breakfast said the Club was delighted and honoured to have been able to nominate Eastland’s year six pupils and recognise the contributions that Head teacher Joanne Corrigan, and E-safety Co-ordinator Liz Vikmanis and the Parent Staff Association, Warwickshire Crimebeat, the Police and Crime Commissioner of Warwickshire and Warwickshire Early Intervention Service have made towards the project.