Editor's comment: changing faces in the town centre


There has been some sad news this week with two shops announcing their closure.

Shadow Games has closed with immediate effect, while Joto Hobbies is having a closing down sale.

Joto has been in the town for almost four decades selling models, games, collectibles and more along with pioneering selling souvenirs of the town. Joto became a focus for those in the town and beyond, of all ages, who loved games, toys, models and other similar hobbies.

Shadow Games was not in the town for as long, but it was another local business that became a focus for its fans. The loss of both will leave a hole in the town centre.

But it is not all doom and gloom for the town centre. Just For The Record is moving into its own premises. The vinyl record store opened not quite two years ago, upstairs at Hunt’s Bookshop. Now the business is getting its own home in the Churchside Arcade.

The shop’s last day at Hunt’s will be on Saturday, August 4, and then reopen at the new unit on Tuesday August 14. Hopefully this move will give the business a greater presence in shoppers’ minds and lead to greater custom in the coming months.

Vinyl records are one of those old technologies that has recently seen a resurgence among music buyers, young and old. So yes, it is sad to report on the news from Joto and Shadow Games, but there new is not all bad for the town centre.

James Bryce
Content Editor