Rugby students 15 minutes away from Westminster terrorist incident

Rugby High School head teacher Charlotte Marten confirmed the students are safe
Rugby High School head teacher Charlotte Marten confirmed the students are safe

Students from Rugby High School were stood in the same spot as a deadly ‘terrorist’ incident in Westminster 15 minutes earlier but are safe and on their way home.

Year 12 politics students were on a trip to Parliament and left a quarter of an hour before a car ploughed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and a police officer was fatally stabbed.

Head teacher Charlotte Marten told the Advertiser all the pupils are safe and on the bus home but was relieved they were not caught up in it all.

“It all occurred 15 minutes after they left where it happened so they feel like they have had a close shave today,” she said.

“If they had been there 15 minutes later they would have been caught up in it so we are highly relieved our students weren’t caught up in it and seeing and hearing all the things that happened down there.”

The A-Level students went down to the Palace of Westminster for a seminar on voting systems but it was very close to turning into a nightmare had they stayed much longer.

So far four people have died and around 20 others are wounded after the incident police are treating as ‘terrorist’.

A police officer was stabbed in the nearby Houses of Parliament by an attacker, who was then shot by police. The officer died shortly after.

The attacker struck several pedestrians as he drove a car across Westminster Bridge, before crashing it into railings, causing numerous casualties.

The school trip left the scene before it all happened, everyone is safe and parents have been messaged to confirm this.

A trip to the Bank of England tomorrow (Thursday) is still going ahead as staff did not want to cancel the trip and believes the students will be safe.

“We have to think about cancelling it but I think London is as well protected as it can be,” Ms Marten said.

“I’m sure the security forces are doing a great job to keep everyone as safe as they possibly can be.”

This is not the first time Rugby High students have been caught up in terrorist incidents.

In 2007, pupils on a ski trip to Salt Lake City, USA, visited a shopping mall the same day a gunman killed five bystanders and wounded four others.

Ms Marten was head teacher that day too and today brought back memories of then.