Emotional day for fundraising mum

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SHE doesn’t pretend she enjoyed every second, but Nikki Sammon’s exploits have gone some way to raising money for a church’s building project.

She took part in a tandem skydive over Northamptonshire last month and has so far garnered £1,000 towards a £50,000 target set by St Mark’s in Bilton, which wants to construct a mezzanine floor to accommodate the growing number of families attending the church.

But is wasn’t all fun for Nikki. She said: “As we fell, the cold and speed of the air rushing past made it difficult to catch my breath. This I did not enjoy.

“My mind was saying ‘only 45 seconds of this, that’s all’. To make me feel a worse, my pilot decided to do a couple of circles round making me feel pretty sick.

“I felt immediate relief when the parachute was pulled and we began to glide. This was fun.

“If I didn’t have to descend at 120mph in freefall first, I would do it again.

Nikki is still accepting sponsorship.

Visit everyclick.com/mezzaninejump for more information.