Confused over 5,000-home South West Rugby plan? This is what campaigners are concerned about, and how to have your say

Campaign group Save Dunchurch has launched a petition which gives residents the chance to voice their concerns over the 5,000-home South West Rugby plan.

Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 6:32 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 6:33 pm
The yellow-shaded area shows the land affected by the development.

The South West Rugby development was approved earlier this year as part of Rugby’s controversial 12,400-home Local Plan.

It will affect 390 hectares of land situated between Cawston, Bilton and Dunchurch hosting 5,000 new homes and 35 hectares of employment land.

Because the development is part of the Local Plan, it cannot be stopped completely - but residents are being invited to have their say on the way it will be built.

What can you have your say about?

In the latest stage of the development, Rugby council has released a draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for public consultation.

The SPD outlines how schools, green space, play areas, cycle networks and a fire station should be delivered.

It also includes suggestions as to how big the buffer between Rugby and Dunchurch should be.

Residents have until November 28 to submit their views to the council.

The SPD is several hundred pages long, and in parts it contains a lot of technical language – leaving many residents confused as to what the plan entails.

Petition makes four key demands

Save Dunchurch has launched a petition, giving residents the chance to put their name to the group’s four key demands, which are: “A buffer of a minimum of 100 yards between Dunchurch and our neighbours.

“RBC must Plan now for the only solution to the traffic/pollution problems - a complete ring road.

“Essential infrastructure projects (roads, schools, new green areas, surgeries etc) must be operational in time for these huge increases in demand, not delayed by Developers or RBC.

“RBC must satisfy the community that they have robust plans made in conjunction with the NHS and other emergency services, schools, utilities etc. to ensure that current overstretched facilities in the village are not swamped or compromised.”

You can view the petition by visiting

A copy of the petition can also be found at Dunchurch Library.

What are some key concerns of campaigners?

Richard Allanach of campaign group Rugby About Turn has also enlisted the help of volunteers to distribute an eight-page information leaflet which has been distributed to residents.

In it, he suggests residents contact the council before the November 28 deadline to voice their concerns over the size of the buffer zone – suggesting the proposed 80 metres will not be enough, adding that there may be no buffer at all along Alwyn Road.

He also raises concerns over the lack of parks and allotments, needing a proper timetable on the delivery of schools, a possible delay in the delivery of a GP surgery and the lack of cycle routes.

To have your say, email [email protected] or write to Development Strategy, Rugby Borough Council, Town Hall, Rugby, CV21 2RR.

You can also comment online by visiting

Mr Allanach said he is happy to be copied into any emails sent, ([email protected]).

To view the SPD, visit