‘Every little does not help’ Tesco warehouse’s neighbours

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WHAT was once a quiet countryside home has turned into a miserable abode for a family who are being plagued by noise from a neighbouring warehouse.

The Allman family home on the outskirts of Crick used to sit in open countryside until Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT) came along a few years ago.

As part of phase two of DIRFT, an 800,000 sq ft warehouse has been built which sits on a piece of land off the A428 and A5, which is the grocery distribution site for Tesco - and next to the Allmans’ home

Although it is not yet fully functional, between 2am and 4am every day the Allmans are woken by “excessive” noise from the warehouse when freight containers are moved.

Nikki Allman said: “Since it opened we’ve not had one decent night of sleep. The noise is horrendous.

“We’ve known it’s coming for a few years but we had no idea the impact it would have.

“I don’t see why we should be forced out or home by these people.

“This is our family home which we’ve invested time and money in.”

Mrs Allman and husband Andrew, who has lived at the family home for 20 years, have now erected a sign (pictured above) on their land to help try and get their message across.

Mr Allman said: “During the development of the site, no consideration has been given to how it has affected our family life, but since the site became operational it has become extremely clear that the volumes of noise are excessive and has made our daily life a complete misery. Despite continuous complaints this is something that we are living with daily. In this case ‘every little does not help’.”

Simon Bovey, director at Daventry District Council, said: “Our environmental health team has been made aware of this problem by the complainant and is currently investigating the noise issues with Tesco and the other companies involved.”

Despite several calls made by the Advertiser to Tesco, no one was available to speak at the time of going to press.