Environmental criminals caught fly tipping in the Rugby borough punished by courts

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THREE men have been convicted for littering and fly tipping in the Rugby area.

Two brothers, Gerry and Simon Doherty of Sunrise Park, Ryton on Dunsmore were fined a total of £1,520 for fly tipping waste on Woodside Park in May 2010.

They admitted producing the waste as part of their business Nicedrives UK. The brothers admitted that they deposited the waste illegally following a job they did for a householder in Birmingham.

The illegal dumping of waste costs Rugby Borough Council more than £75,000 per year and where this is carried out by businesses it can provide them with a significant commercial advantage over legitimate and law abiding companies.

A householder can also be fined if they do not prevent their waste from being fly tipped. A householder must request a waste transfer note from anyone that removes waste materials from their property.

Another man, David Chester, pleaded guilty to two offences of littering which resulted in him being given a community order with a requirement to carry out 60 hours unpaid work and pay contribution towards the council’s costs of £85.

This is the second time Mr Chester has been prosecuted by the council for littering.

Cllr Dr Mark Williams, Rugby Borough Council portfolio holder for Sustainable Environment, said: “We take crimes such as fly tipping very seriously as it not only blights our communities, but it disadvantages legitimate businesses and costs the tax payers. Everyone can play a part in stamping this out by only using reputable companies, asking for waste transfer notes and reporting people that are seen dumping waste. The council will take a zero tolerance approach to anyone that despoils or defaces our environment.”

The council often relies on help from the public to identify offenders. Any members of the public wishing to report somebody for an environmental crime can do so by contacting the Environmental Protection team on 01788 533857 or email ept@rugby.gov.uk.