Exclusive: Devastated Rugby woman tells of the moment her puppy was attacked

Rugby resident Annette Day has spoken out after her young puppy was savaged by two staffordshire bull type terriers on Sunday.

Thursday, 19th May 2016, 4:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 19th May 2016, 5:55 pm
Murphy was just eleven months old.

Murphy, who was just eleven months old, was taken to Bilton Veterinary Centre after the attack but sadly passed away on Monday.

Annette lives in Bilton and has two boys aged 12 and 13, who are devastated by the loss of their beloved pet.

Speaking to the Advertiser, she said: “We’d been for a walk in Hillmorton and came back home in our car.

“We pulled up on the driveway and let Murphy out and he went over to some grass on the communal area - not even 100 yards away from our house - to have a wee.

“Suddenly I heard screaming and saw a woman running over and the two dogs were on Murphy.”

She said despite the efforts of those at the scene, it was a while before they were able to pull the two dogs off the little puppy. When they finally did rescue Murphy, he was carried back to the family home.

“He was a fairly nervous little dog and normally you could always feel his little heart pounding,” Annette continued, “But this time I could barely feel anything.

“I took him home and held him. It’s like he was moving in slow motion, he was stunned but he wasn’t bleeding and he walked a little.

“I was talking to him, comforting him, trying to give him food but he wouldn’t eat.”

Murphy was later taken to Bilton Veterinary Centre where he was found to have septicaemia and a punctured lung, along with other wounds.

He was heavily sedated by vets who planned to run further tests and scans, but Murphy passed away before these could be carried out.

“The vet cried when she told me the news,” Annette added.

Two days later Annette decided to take to social media asking Facebook users to share her tragic experience - and spread an important message to dog owners in Rugby and beyond.

She wrote yesterday (Wednesday): “I really want all (and I mean all) dog owners to ask themselves if they think their dog is aggressive.

“And if so - could they please take advice from dog trainers as to how to discipline, train and keep others safe? It could be a child next time.”

When speaking to The Advertiser, Annette also added: “I want to stress that I’m not blaming staffies. A neighbour of ours has a staffie who is gentle as anything and I want people to know I’m not blaming this particular breed of dog.

“I just want to raise awareness and this is why I decided to go public and get people asking, is my dog a risk?

“I mean, God forbid, if this happened to a child, I could never forgive myself.”