EXCLUSIVE PICTURE: Witness tells of ‘earth-shaking impact of crash on Ashlawn Road

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A COACH crashed into a tree on Ashlawn Road yesterday morning during rush-hour traffic.

No one was seriously hurt during the accident and no passengers were on board the bus. The driver had no serious injuries. The accident happened on Ashlawn Road near the turning where insurance firm CIA is based at around 8.50am.

The coach swerved to avoid traffic queuing for the turn off and ended up in a ditch. An ambulance and rapid response vehicle attended the scene.

An eyewitness, who did not wish to be named, said: “I’m amazed that the coach driver wasn’t badly injured in the crash because the earth seemed to shake when the coach hit the tree. My initial fear was that there would be children on board, but thankfully there weren’t any.”

He added: “It doesn’t really surprise me where it happened. That part of Ashlawn Road is a busy but fast stretch of road. During morning and evening traffic there are cars pulling into the insurance building. If conditions are bad or cars are driving quickly then the traffic in front suddenly stopping can take drivers by surprise.”