Exotic life and unusal encounters inspire new shop

Nadine Rose
Nadine Rose

A Rugby woman’s unusual and exotic life has inspired her to set up a colourful shop in the town centre.

Textile and interiors outlet Nadine Rose officially opens in Churchside Arcade tomorrow (Friday).

Growing up opposite the Grand Bazaar in Tehran with its sights, smells and sounds had a deep and lasting impact on Nadine. But her main inspiration comes from four Ethiopian girls who were orphaned 12 years ago – and have since been supported by Nadine and her family.

Nadine said: “One of the girls, Meseret, is the one who has inspired me to set up my shop.

“Nine years ago we discussed ways that she could start her own sewing business after which I felt that I couldn’t possibly try to help her with something I didn’t know how to do myself and so the seed was planted.”

The four sisters have seized every opportunity given to them and today are in employment as a pharmacist, accountant, lab technician and student of civil engineering. 

The store also provides a marketplace to a new generation of overseas designers and crafts people from countries such as Turkey, Oman and Nepal. Among the more unusual products on sale are laptop computer cases embroidered in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The store will also hold workshops, allowing people to develop their own creative skills.

Nadine says that the concept behind the store is “telling stories”, with information about the products and those who made them. Ten per cent of the company’s profits will goes towards educating and training young women in developing countries.