Families fume at closure of popular Rugby water park at Ken Marriott Leisure Centre

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PARENTS are angry the plug has been pulled on the outdoor water play area at Ken Marriott leisure centre.

Terry Jenkins said a lot of people are shocked about the decision to get rid of the facility.

“Facilities are being removed from residents and a lot of people are not happy about it,” said Mr Jenkins, of Sheriff Road.

“I’ve got a daughter and a son aged six and four and they really enjoyed going to the park, playing in the water and flying a kite. Now it’s going and it’s not being replaced.”

He said there is not enough for youngsters to do in the area.

“I don’t think the under-fours are catered for,” he added. “There’s a skate park in Featherbed Lane but that’s in Hillmorton and it’s not suitable for the younger ones.”

Yasmin Grace is from Rugby and is mother to 16-month-old Megan.

She said: “It’s frustrating to hear yet another area for children is being taken. I wanted to take Megan there in the summer, I’m running out of places to take her.”

Rugby mother Ashleigh Green has a five-month-old daughter called Ella-Grace. She said: “We have nothing for our kids and I think they need to add more things for kids instead of taking away.”

A spokesman for Rugby Borough Council said the play area was difficult to keep clean and only usable for a couple of weeks of the year.

He said: “It was last used in the summer last year, and was removed in February to make way for the temporary car park needed while the new leisure centre is built.

“While we understand that that is disappointing for a few families, we do intend to submit a funding bid to refurbish the Whitehall Recreation Ground once the new leisure centre is completed, with the aim of providing top class play facilities for a wider age range.”