Family ‘over the moon’ at £1,300 find - windfall discovered down back of a sofa

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THERE can barely be a sofa in Britain that doesn’t have the odd penny stuck down it.

But a Rugby woman was astonished to find a small fortune tucked away in one this week when she took delivery of it.

Karen Wilson, manager of the British Heart Foundation’s furniture store on High Street, discovered the cash in an envelope which dropped out of the back of the sofa while it was turned upside down.

And when she counted the amount, she found a total of £1,305 in notes.

The original owners of the cash were traced thanks to a Gift Aid form they had filled in.

“Usually we just find a few pence lodged at the back of sofas, but in this case an envelope dropped out stuffed full of cash. I couldn’t believe it, I just started laughing,” she said.

“The sofa was around the back of the shop when it happened, while we were deciding whether to display it on the shop floor. My colleagues were as surprised as I was when I opened the envelope which was full of bank notes.

The family who owned the couch, who wished to remain anonymous, donated £100 to the British Heart Foundation as a goodwill gesture.

Karen, who has been working for the charity for two months, explained: “The sofa originally belonged to the family’s relatives, who passed away. So there is no way they would have known the money was there.

“When I told them what had happened, they were over the moon.