Family’s concern at University Hospital hygiene

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A family have complained over standards of cleanliness at University Hospital Coventry and accused staff to failing to adhere to basic hygiene standards.

John Bromley was admitted to the hospital in December last year after suffering a massive stroke. But his wife and daughter have complained that staff failed to attend to his basic hygiene needs.

Hospital staff have said they offered an apology and explained in detail its actions following a complaint last year.

John’s daughter, Kim, said: “It was so painful and shocking watching my father endure a lack of care and dignity due to poor hygiene.

“It makes you wonder how often this happens and how many other families are affected by this.

“You often hear that superbugs are becoming more common in hospitals, and after seeing how my father was treated that comes as no surprise. We want it brought to the public’s attention so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Professor Mark Radford, Chief Nurse at UHCW Trust said he met with Mr Bromley’s family in December and that he was surprised the family had spoken to local media and not with himself.

He said: “I met with Mr Bromley’s family in December immediately after they had raised concerns about their father’s care.

“I spent considerable time apologising to them for any distress they had been caused and providing further explanation to clinical issues related to their father’s complex treatment.

“They were satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, and they met frequently with the Ward Sister before Mr Bromley’s was moved to the Hospital of St Cross for his rehabilitation.”

He added: “It is very disappointing to hear that they have new concerns that they have raised with the newspaper but not with me or with the hospital.

“As I said at time I am more than happy to meet with them again.”