Fears for our hedgehogs

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Concerns have been raised by figures suggesting the number of hedgehogs in Warwickshire has fallen by nearly 40 per cent in ten years.

And Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, which published the report, is now calling for people around the county to report sightings of hedgehogs – dead or alive.

Trust chief executive Stephen Trotter said: “This is a very worrying situation. We urgently need to collect more information about where hedgehogs are so that we can target our conservation efforts where they’re most needed.

The trust is raising funds for hedgehog conservation in Warwickshire. Mr Trotter added: “Hedgehogs are in trouble and we need to take urgent action. The hedgehog is one of our most special animals – we simply can’t stand by and watch its numbers decline so rapidly.

Loss of habitat is cited as one of the main causes for the decline. Mr Trotter said: “Many of our local children have yet to see a hedgehog - so some of the money that is raised will help to create hedgehog and wildlife-friendly areas within school grounds.”

Hedgehog sightings can be reported via hedgehogs@wkwt.org.uk. Visit warwickshirewildlifetrust.org.uk/donate to donate.