Fears over that closed carpark in Bilton could worsen trading conditions

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A BUSY car park in Bilton village has closed due to growing concerns over vandalism.

The car park next to Bilton Social Club in The Green, Bilton, was closed off and secured last week.

Since the closure of the social club several months ago, Bilton residents have been using the free car park to come into the village centre.

The sudden closure has caused alarm among neighbours.

Bilton resident John Williams said: “I think this could destroy the village. A lot of people use that car park to come into the village go to the shops. The shops are bound to suffer.”

Another resident said: “I can’t emphasise enough that the car park was vital for local trade for years.”

Bilton Social Club was put up for sale after it was closed by its current owners, the Trustees of Bilton Social Club.

Court Warwickshire Ltd, based in Willoughby, now has a contract to buy the club and associated land.

The company told the Advertiser this week that it has been instructed by the Trustees of Bilton Social Club to close the car park and make it secure because of troubles in the area with vandalism.

Richard Haywood, chairman of Court Warwickshire Ltd, said: “We’ve been instructed to put the fence up by the trustees. The fence has been put up because of vandalism and to protect the building.”

Mr Haywood said that he was not certain at the moment what Court Warwickshire Ltd would do with the site when the sale goes through.

He said: “I don’t know yet. It has to be redeveloped for community or shopping purposes, unless it can be proved that it’s not viable.

“I don’t know what the plans are yet.”

Mr Haywood added: “We do own land adjacent to the club which may come into the redevelopment of it.”