Finding more space at The Briars

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SPACE has overtaken location as the first and foremost concern for homeowners for the first time in years.

Bigger rooms topped the list of the most important criteria when shopping for a new home, according to a survey of 2,000 homeowners by, a website putting consumers in touch with tradespeople.

Understanding this need, Bloor Homes has built spacious new homes at The Briars in Long Lawford.

It was here Mark and Gemma Rigden secured their second property designed by Bloor.

Mr Rigden said: “We were so pleased with our first property built by Bloor Homes that when we decided to move up the ladder, we knew Bloor would be our first choice.

“When Gemma became pregnant with our second child, we knew we’d need more space. We had been so pleased with the space and specification of our first property by Bloor Homes; we knew we wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less.”

Prices at The Briars range from £153,950 for a three bedroom house to £249,950 for a four bedroom property.