First Census results revealed for Coventry and Warwickshire

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TODAY (Monday) has seen the release of the first data about Coventry and Warwickshire from the information gathered last year in the 2011 Census.

The first data has given an early snapshot of information about population growth, the number of households and the age of the local population.

The second release of information, which gives more details about populations and households in Warwickshire, is expected in November of this year.

In March 2011 everyone was required to fill in a Census forum, and today is the first information from the Office for National Statistics about the results.

This initial release tells us that in Warwickshire:

· The population now stands at 543,800, a 7.4% increase on its population 10 years ago. This is roughly in line with the rate of increase in the country as a whole (7.1%).

· Warwickshire now has around 20,000 more households than it did in 2001.

· Warwickshire has an ageing population; the population aged 65-plus now makes up around 18% of the population compared with just over 16% in 2001

Warwickshire County Council Leader Cllr Alan Farnell said: “This and future releases of data from the census will help to give us a detailed picture of Warwickshire’s population.

It will enable local authorities and many other organisations to target resources and plan services for years to come.”

Warwickshire Observatory, the county council’s research team, will be doing their own analysis of the data released today and will publish this on their blog pages here

Meanwhile the Initial results for Coventry indicate that:

· Coventry has seen its population increase by 5.2% to 318,600. This is below the rate of increase in the country as a whole.

· It now has around 6,000 more households than it did in 2001.

· Coventry has seen a slight increase in the proportion of its population aged under-25, with this group now making up 36% of the population.

Cllr George Duggins, Deputy Leader of Coventry City Council said today: ““We’re happy to have an accurate count of our population here in Coventry. This is very important to The City Council to help us plan and develop services in order to meet our population’s needs. Today’s figures are just the first of many data releases from the 2011 Census which will take until October 2013 to complete.”