First time buyers event is being held at Newmans

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A RUGBY estate agent says now is a good time to sell if your property is suitable for a first time buyer

Newman Sales & Lettings has already seen a high number of enquires from first time buyers in January.

This is great news for property sellers, whatever property they are selling.

First time buyers are the crucial element that get the market moving. If a first time buyer buys a flat, the seller of that flat may go on to buy a terraced house.

The person selling the terraced house may go on to buy a semi detached and so on.

Staff at Newmans say it really does have a knock on effect through the property market in all price ranges.

Sean Newman said: “It is great to see so many first time buyers again. Many have been unable to buy in the past because lenders have asked for big deposits.

“But we are now finding that many first time buyers have spent the last few years saving or have been given a deposit by parents. We have also seen many lenders recently offering 95 per cent mortgages, which more good news.”

But this surge of activity from first time buyers has left Newman Sales and Lettings low on suitable properties.

The firm is now asking anyone who has a property to sell that is suitable for a first time buyer to contact them.

Branch Manager Yousaf Hussain added: “We have our First Time Buyers Day coming up at the end of January and we have very few suitable properties left.

“We urgently need more properties to keep up with the demand.”

Anyone who is contemplating buying their first home is welcome to attend the First Time Buyers Day at Newman Sales and Lettings on Saturday, January 26, between 10am and 4pm.

Free advice is available on all aspects of buying and there are some special offers such as £195 off conveyancing and mortgage application fees.

For more information about buying or selling call Yousaf on (01788) 820000.