FLOOD UPDATE: police issue warning after roads flood, school closes and car crashes

Flooded Road - Lawford Road (Near Church Lawford).
Flooded Road - Lawford Road (Near Church Lawford).

A NUMBER of roads have flooded in and around Rugby as the heavy rainfall continues today (Wednesday).

Warwickshire Police said it has received a number of reports about flooding in the Rugby area.

The road underneath the railway bridge on the A428 near Church Lawford has completely flooded with a couple of cars stuck in the water, according to police.

Water was reported to be at waist deep at time of being reported.

In Barby Lane near Rugby there is heavy mud on the road caused by water flooding onto the road from nearby fields.

On the B4112 Pailton at 6.30am police received a report of a red Ford Fiesta car which had gone off the road into a ditch near to an area of standing water on the carriageway. Two people in the car, a male and a female, required hospital treatment for injuries including a suspected broken wrist.

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School has also been forced to close today due to flooding on the road outside. Parents are being advised to pick up their children as soon as possible.

*Police are also advising there is a lot of standing water on most roads in the county and have issued the following advice:

*Drive with care and at a speed to suit the road conditions.

*Heavy road spray may hinder visibility. Adjust your speed accordingly.

*Be aware of standing water, which may be deeper than you think. There is a danger of losing control of your vehicle if you hit standing water at speed.

*Leave a greater distance between yourself and the car in front. This gives you a greater stopping distance if you need to put the brakes on.

*Dry your brakes by pressing them lightly after you have gone through any standing water.

*Keep windscreens clear and turn your lights on during the day time if it is raining heavily or there is heavy road spray.

*Allow more time for your journey.

A spokesman for Warwickshire Police said: “As a result of the heavy rain and water on the road, there have been tailbacks on some of the major routes at peak times. We advise motorists to leave more time for their journeys and if their regular route takes them along a road that is prone to standing water they should consider an alternative route.

“Drive with extra care, and be aware of heavy road spray which will affect your visibility, leave more room between yourself and the vehicle in front. Check your brakes regularly.”